How to Set Up a Folder in Outlook for Specific Emails

How to create a separate folder in Outlook for specific emails Open Outlook. Right-click on your email address and select Create new folder. (For Outlook for the web, click Create new folder at the bottom of your folder list.) Type a name for your new folder and click Save.

In this article, we will explain how to create a rule in Outlook to move emails from the inbox to a specific folder. This can be useful when you receive a high volume of emails from a particular sender or on a particular subject, and you want to keep your inbox organized.

First, open your Outlook application and navigate to your inbox. Next, you need to create a rule to move the emails to a specific folder. You can either create the folder directly in your inbox or while creating the rule.

To create the rule, right-click on the email you wish to move. In the sub-options, select the “Create Rule” option under the “Rules” section. In the window that appears, select “From Facebook” and “Subject contains” to specify the sender and email subject. You can choose to receive an alert for new items.

Under “Move items to this folder,” select “Inbox” and then click on “Select Folder.” Create a new folder called “Facebook” under the inbox. Choose this new folder and click “OK.” Afterward, click “Finish” to create the rule.

All new emails from Facebook will now automatically move to the Facebook folder. If you want to move existing emails, go to the “Advanced Option” and select “Run this rule now on messages already in the inbox.”

It is important to note that if you are not using Outlook and are accessing your emails through the Gmail web login, the rules will not be applied unless you have created a rule in your Gmail settings.

In conclusion, setting up a folder in Outlook for specific emails is an easy way to keep your inbox organized and reduce clutter. With these simple steps, you can create a rule to move emails from any sender or subject to a specific folder.


How do I create a folder for specific emails in Outlook?
Right-click Inbox and select New Folder. Type a name for the folder and press Enter.
How to get certain certain emails to automatically go into a folder?
Open Gmail.Check the checkbox next to the email you want.Click More .Click Filter messages like these.Enter your filter criteria.Click Create filter.