How to Highlight Important Emails in Outlook

Highlight text Select the text that you want to highlight. On the Home tab, select the arrow next to Text Highlight Color . Choose a color. The text you selected will be highlighted in the color you chose.

When managing a lot of email correspondence, it is essential to quickly identify the emails that need your special attention. Thankfully, Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to highlight important emails so you can find them quickly and easily in your inbox.

Although some emails marked as important may not require your attention, you can still highlight the ones that do. In this post, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to highlight important emails in Outlook.

To get started, go to the View tab and click on View Settings. You will get an additional View Settings dialog box. Click on Conditional Formatting, and it will open the Conditional Formatting dialog box. Here, you need to create a new rule, so hit on Add.

Next, you have to name your rule or condition. We suggest naming it “highlight.” Then, set the condition by clicking on it. You will need to add some additional information by clicking on Advanced and defining more criteria.

Select “Importance” from the frequently used fields drop-down list. Next, select “Equals” from the drop-down list and set the value to “High.” Hit “Add to List,” and the condition will be added. Then, select the font of your choice. You can change the font style and size, but the most important thing is to change the color to red.

Hit OK, and whenever you receive an email in your inbox marked with an exclamation mark, it will automatically turn red, highlighting its importance. You can easily identify and react to that email.

In your inbox, you can show important emails by changing the arrangement by importance. You will see that all emails marked as important will be highlighted in red, making it easier for you to separate and treat them according to your requirements.

We hope you found this guide useful. Happy highlighting!


Is there a way to highlight an email in Outlook?
Go to the View tab.Select Current View.Select View Settings.Choose Conditional Formatting.Click Add.Name your rule.Click on Font.Pick a color, style and size and click OK.More items...•
How do I highlight yellow in Outlook?
Open the Outlook mail program.Click the "Inbox" button in the left pane. A list of incoming messages with their subject lines appears.Right-click the flagged message.Point to "Categorize." A gallery of color categories appears.Click the preferred color.
Why is Outlook not letting me highlight text?
Text Formatting Keyboard Shortcut Cause A text formatting keyboard shortcut could be the cause of your inability to select Outlook text. Try typing a random text from your Compose window and then select the text by holding "Shift-Left Arrow". This should bring the cursor back.
What is the shortcut key for text highlight color in Outlook?
Select some text then press Ctrl + Alt + H to highlight the selection with the current color.