How to Automatically Categorize Emails in Outlook

Create Rules to sort your email automatically Right-click a message. Select Rules. Choose Always move messages from [name of sender]. Choose a folder or select New to create a new one. Select OK. Note: To make your rule more complicated, right-click a message and select Rules >, Create Rule.

Are you tired of manually categorizing emails in Outlook? Good news! There is an easy way to automate this process using rules. A rule is an automated process that determines whether an incoming email matches the criteria that you have set up. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Go to the rules drop-down menu at the top of the screen and select “Manage Rules and Alerts.”

2. Click on “New Rule” and select “Apply Rule on All Messages I Receive.”

3. Specify the criteria for identifying the email as it comes in. For example, you can choose to categorize all emails from a specific email address or domain.

4. Once you have identified the email, click on the checkbox for assigning it to a specific category.

5. Give your new rule a name and select the checkbox to run this rule on messages already in the inbox.

6. Click “Finish” to apply the rule.

Now, all emails that meet the criteria you specified will be automatically categorized in Outlook. If you want to change the category of an email, simply right-click on the email, go to “Categorize,” and deselect the assigned category.

But what if you have many emails in a folder that need to be categorized? No problem! You can use the same rule to categorize all messages in a folder by selecting the checkbox to run the rule now on messages already in the folder.

Automating email categorization in Outlook can save you time and simplify your inbox management. Give it a try!


How do I automatically color categorize emails in Outlook?
In any message folder, in the Tags group on the Ribbon, select Categorize >, All Categories. ... In the Color Categories dialog box, select New.Type a name for the category and select a color and optionally, a shortcut key.
How to move certain emails to a folder in Outlook automatically?
With a message selected and previewed in the Reading Pane or open in its own window, in the Move group, click Rules, and then click Always Move Messages From. Select a folder, and then click OK.
How do I set up an automatic email group in Outlook?
On the Navigation bar, choose People .Select Home >, New Contact Group.In the Contact Group box, type the name for the group.Select Contact Group >, Add Members. , and then select an option: ... Add people from your address book or contacts list, and choose OK. ... Choose Save &, Close.