How to Watch Starzplay for Free: A Guide for Amazon Prime Users

How to Watch Starz Go to the Starz website, or open the app on a device. Select or tap Log In. Enter the email address for your account and select Continue. Select how you want to log in based on how you receive the service. Enter your password and select Log In. You'll arrive at the Home screen. More items... •

If you’re an Amazon Prime user looking to watch Starzplay for free, then you’re in luck. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to take advantage of an offer that’s available exclusively through Amazon.

First things first, there’s no hidden agenda here. We’re not going to show you any fancy footwork or tricks to get Starzplay for free. Instead, we’re going to navigate to Amazon and use their offer to watch Starzplay content for free.

To get started, simply go to and click on “Prime Video” in the list. From there, click on “Channels” and scroll down until you see “Prime Video Channels.” This is where you’ll find the initial deals that allow you to watch content for free.

One of the channels that offer this is Starzplay. To access it, click on “Stars” and then click on “More.” Inside, you’ll see the option to start a seven-day free trial. During this time, you can watch as much content as you want.

After the free trial ends, you’ll be charged $8.99 per month. However, if you don’t want to continue with the subscription, make sure to cancel before the seven days are up. It’s important to note that you’ll need to input credit card information and create a user account. But the good news is that all of this is built straight through Amazon, so there’s no need to input anything additional.

It’s worth mentioning that this offer is usually only available for first-time subscribers. However, sometimes it resets after a year. So if it’s been a while since you’ve tried this, you can give it another go and see if you’re eligible for another free trial.

In summary, watching Starzplay for free is as simple as taking advantage of an opportunity that’s available only through Amazon. There’s no need for any fancy footwork or tricks. Just follow the steps outlined in this guide, watch as much as you want during the seven-day free trial, and cancel before you’re charged if you don’t want to keep the subscription.


Can you watch Starzplay on Amazon Prime? STARZPLAY - Included With Prime: Prime Video.
How can I watch Starzplay in the US?
If you're traveling outside countries that have Starz or STARZPLAY, you'll need to sign up with a VPN. Just connect to a server in your home country, and you'll be able to download STARZPLAY in your mobile app store as if you were at home.
Is Starzplay on Disney plus?
STARZ is not available on Disney Plus. Instead, you might be thinking of Star, which launched on the platform in 2021.
Is Starzplay free on Netflix?
Access to the Starz Play service at Netflix will be included with Netflix members' current monthly subscription fee. The deal adds significantly to a growing library of over 12,000 choices of movies and TV episodes that can be watched instantly at Netflix.