How to Update Amazon Prime on Roku

Go to HOME, then select SYSTEM, and finally, SYSTEM UPDATE . Ensure that you regularly update your Roku OS to stay compatible with the Prime Video app. Additionally, check for updates to the Prime Video app to ensure that it works well with your current Roku OS.

Roku has been one of the most successful hardware companies in the streaming wars. Despite tough competition from giants like Amazon, Roku has managed to strike a chord with its users through its range of streaming boxes, which includes low-end entry-level offerings to high-end 4k streaming boxes, televisions, and soundbars.

In the early days, Roku was merely a way to stream Netflix, which also included physical DVDs. However, today, Roku players have access to thousands of apps called channels, including Amazon Prime Video, one of the most popular streaming services in the US.

If you’re ready to stream Amazon Prime on your Roku, this guide is for you. First, head to your Roku’s home screen and select “Streaming Channels” from the menu to open the channel store. You can either scroll until you find Amazon Prime Video or use the search channels feature to locate it quickly. Once you’re on the Amazon Prime Video page, select “Add Channel,” and it will be installed to your channels list, which is accessible from the home page. Finally, log into the channel with your Amazon account credentials, and you’re all set.

Note that while a Roku device will work in any location, channel availability will vary from region to region. So if Amazon Prime Video is unavailable where you’re from, you may have to turn to a VPN.

There’s an alternative method to add Amazon Prime Video to your Roku using your desktop computer with the Roku website. Simply head to the website, click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of your screen, and select the channel store. From there, follow the same steps as adding Amazon Prime Video using your TV.

In conclusion, adding Amazon Prime Video to your Roku is a simple and straightforward process. Once you’ve installed the app, you can enjoy streaming your favorite shows and movies in no time.


Is Amazon Prime no longer on Roku?
The Amazon Prime Video channel is compatible with all current, and most past, Roku models. Very old models—like the Roku 1, first-generation Roku 2, and Roku 4—can no longer get channel software updates.
How do I update my Amazon Prime video?
Open the app store you used to install the app on your device. Search for the app, and open the app's detail page. If an update is available, an Update option displays.
Why does my Roku TV keep kicking me out of prime?
Using an older version of the platform's software on a fully updated streaming device could explain why Prime Video keeps kicking you out. Normally, this shouldn't be your concern, as automatic updating takes care of everything.
How do I update my Roku streaming?
Step 1: Using your paired Roku remote, press the Home button to get to your Roku's home screen. Step 2: On the left-hand side, navigate to the Settings menu and select System. Step 3: Select System update where the version of Roku OS you're currently running will be displayed along with the date of its last update.