How to Get Closed Captioning on Amazon Prime

On the title's Overview screen, press up then right in order to select Subtitles . If captions are available, they'll have the Closed Caption or Subtitles icon. During playback of a title that supports Subtitles or captions, select the Closed Caption or Subtitles icon from the playback menu.

Amazon Prime Video offers a vast collection of TV shows and movies, all included in your Prime membership at no additional cost. It allows users to customize their viewing experience by offering closed captioning for every title listed, among other features.

If you’re looking to turn on closed captioning on Amazon Prime Video, this guide is perfect for you. Here are some steps to follow.

On a web browser, you can view only shows and movies with subtitles included. Click the magnifying lens icon next to the search box, then locate the subtitles and closed captioning filter in the left pane. Check the boxes next to English or other available languages, and your list will show all videos with subtitles included. You can then pick a show or movie, press play, and enable closed captioning.

Enabling closed captioning on a web browser or the mobile app is also easy. While watching content, click the subtitles and audio icon that looks like a chatbox in the upper right of your screen, then check the English closed captioning.

For the prime available app on most smart streaming devices, use your remote on devices like Apple TV or Amazon’s Fire Stick to select the subtitles option from the UI. Then select the language and display options for your show.

If you’re watching on your television’s built-in Prime Video app, you may be able to use the closed captioning button right on your remote to toggle subtitles on or off. Make sure to check your television’s manual for more instructions.

Finally, if you’re trying to customize how your subtitles look across devices, it’s easy to do. Log into your Amazon account in a browser, hover your cursor over accounts and lists, and select your account from the drop-down menu. Under digital content and devices, select Prime Video settings, then subtitles. You will find one default preset along with three customizable ones. Select a customizable preset and click edit. From there, you can tweak three subtitle features: text, background, and window.

In conclusion, Amazon Prime Video offers closed captioning for every title listed. You can easily turn on closed captioning on a web browser, mobile app, or most smart streaming devices. If you want to customize how your subtitles look across devices, it’s also easy to accomplish. With these simple steps, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies with closed captioning enabled.


What does the Closed Caption icon look like?
Usually identified by a [CC] symbol in the corner of the screen, closed captions exist as a separate file, allowing the viewer to switch them on or off whilst watching.
Where is the playback menu on Amazon Prime?
Launch the Prime Video app and choose the content you'd like to stream. While the video is playing, tap on the screen to access playback controls.