Can You Watch Shows on Twitch? A Guide to Setting Up DMCA-Free Netflix Watch Parties with Tanami Extension

Hosting watch parties is one of the most popular activities on Twitch, allowing streamers to watch movies, TV shows, and videos with their communities in real-time. However, with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) regulations, it can be challenging to stream copyrighted content without risking copyright claims. Luckily, there’s a solution: Tanami browser extension.

Tanami watch parties work similarly to Twitch’s built-in watch party feature, but with the added advantage of being able to watch Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, and YouTube content with your viewers. With Tanami, viewers can join your stream and watch the same show or movie as you, using their own Netflix account, thus avoiding DMCA copyright claims.

To get started, you need to install the Tanami browser extension, which you can pin by clicking the puzzle icon in the top right of your Chrome browser. Once installed, connect Tanami to your Twitch account and select the streaming service you want to watch. A new window will pop up, and the video you watch in that window will automatically sync to your Twitch stream for your viewers.

When you start watching, viewers on your Twitch stream will receive a pop-up notification that will allow them to watch with you. Keep in mind that your viewers will also need to install Tanami to join your watch party. For first-time viewers, it’s recommended to set up a join command with the Tanami link provided, which they can click to join your watch party within seconds.

To ensure that your viewers don’t hear double audio, make sure not to capture Netflix with your streaming software. Instead, stream yourself in full-screen mode and disable desktop audio capture in your streaming software. If you’re using an audio mixer like Go XLR, you can disable your desktop or system audio to the line-out of your mixer with a single click.

If you need help setting up your stream, Tanami provides a guide that you can follow by clicking the link in the description below. Finally, if you find their service helpful, don’t forget to give them feedback and support in the comments below.


Are you allowed to watch TV on Twitch?
With Watch Parties, Twitch communities can come together to watch, react, and discuss any movie or TV show that is available with their Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription, directly on Twitch.
Are you allowed to watch movies on Twitch?
Twitch Users Can Now 'Stream' Movies &, TV Shows Without Fear of DMCA Strikes. Streaming copyright protected content on UGC platforms without permission can be a recipe for disaster.
What is not allowed on a Twitch stream?
Twitch does not allow content that depicts, glorifies, encourages, or supports terrorism, or violent extremist actors or acts. This includes threatening to or encouraging others to commit acts that would result in serious physical harm to groups of people or significant property destruction.
Are you allowed to watch sports on Twitch?
In addition to esports content, Twitch streams traditional sports, too. It's not a full-fledged sports streaming service, but it has streaming rights to WNHL, and WNSL games. As an Amazon-owned platform, Twitch also has rights to Thursday Night Football games.