How to Remove Your iPhone Screen Protector without Breaking Your Phone

Screen protectors are an essential accessory nowadays, as they help safeguard your iPhone’s display from scratches and cracks. However, removing a tempered glass screen protector can be a daunting task, especially if you are not careful enough. In this post, we delved into how to remove your iPhone screen protector without damaging your phone.

First and foremost, we strongly advise against using your fingernails to remove the screen protector since it could cause severe damage to your screen. Likewise, using a bank card or Sticker Star card is not ideal either since they do not slide in well, making it challenging to remove the screen protector.

Instead, we recommend using a thin business card, which you can quickly get at your local business. In the video, the presenter picks a business card from the shelf at Indepth 3D printers.

To remove the screen protector, slide the business card underneath the protector’s edge and gently lift it up. Ensure that you do this slowly and carefully to avoid cracking or damaging your iPhone’s screen. If the screen protector has air bubbles, push them towards the edge of the display as you lift the screen protector.

Once the screen protector is off, check your iPhone’s screen for any adhesive residue. If there is any residue, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off gently. Lastly, clean your iPhone screen thoroughly with a cleaning solution or a microfiber cloth.

In conclusion, removing a tempered glass screen protector from your iPhone is not rocket science. However, if you are not careful enough, it could lead to severe damage to your phone’s screen. Therefore, ensure that you use a thin business card, take your time, and gently lift the screen protector off.


Is it hard to remove glass screen protector from Iphone?
It's easy, only takes a few minutes, and you don't need any special tools. Just a wooden toothpick, a credit card, and a hair dryer. The same process works with an intact screen protector, and one that's been cracked or broken into several pieces.
What is the best way to take off a glass screen protector?
It's important to detach your screen protector from your device as carefully as possible so you don't damage your screen or cut yourself on the glass. Here's what to do: Turn your device off. Using your fingernail—or a credit card—gently lift one corner of the protector and pry it away from the screen.
Can you take off a screen protector yourself?
Use a small object to pry up at the corners. Insert a credit card or toothpick beneath the screen protector at the corners. Make sure to avoid anything sharp or abrasive, which could scratch your screen or the edges of your phone. Gently pry the protector up, lifting as you go.