How to Remove a Popsocket Without Damaging Your Phone

When you're ready to remove your PopSocket from your phone, all you'll need is a credit card, gift card, or I.D. Carefully wedge your card under the PopSocket to lift it off your phone case . Go slow and be careful not to damage the sticky gel so you can reuse the PopSocket later.

Popsockets are a popular phone accessory that help you grip and hold your phone more securely. However, sometimes you may need to remove your popsocket, whether it’s because you’re switching to a new case or you simply no longer want it on your phone. But how do you remove it without damaging your phone?

Firstly, if your popsocket is on a case, it’s typically easier to remove. You can try to get your nail underneath the adhesive and peel it up. This method may work if your popsocket hasn’t been on your phone for too long.

If that doesn’t work, there are other methods you can try. One option is to use a safety pin to go underneath the adhesive. However, be aware that this may scratch up the back of your phone, so it’s not recommended if your phone is in very good condition.

Another method is to use a thin business card or similar object to slide underneath the adhesive. You don’t want to go too far under, as this can cause the adhesive to bubble up. Once you’ve slid the object underneath, you should be able to pry the popsocket off like a sticker.

If your popsocket does leave some adhesive residue or damage on your phone, you can try washing it off or using a cleaning solution. And if you want to reposition your popsocket, you can simply stick it back on your phone after cleaning it.

Removing a popsocket from your phone doesn’t have to be difficult or risky. With these tips, you can remove it without damaging your phone and continue using it or switch to a new phone accessory.