How to Remove Samsung Pay from Your Home Screen

Go to Settings >, Apps (older devices may require you to tap Application Manager ). Locate Samsung Pay (or Samsung Wallet if you received the update). Select Force Stop .

Samsung Pay is a wonderful service that enables you to use your phone for payments at any place that accepts RFID chips. It is similar to Apple Pay or Google Pay, but with an added dimension. You can swipe your credit card or use Samsung Pay for payment. However, for some people, Samsung Pay can be annoying, and they might want to disable it. In this blog post, we will tell you how to either enable or disable Samsung Pay in terms of getting to your cards quicker.

When you are at home and want to bring up your card quickly, there are two places you can access it. You can either do it from your lock screen or your home screen. To access your card from your lock screen, load up your lock screen, and pull up the little white line at the bottom. If you pull it up and hold it, it will show your card number. If you pull it up all the way, it will allow you to use your card, but you will need to put in your PIN or your fingerprint. To access your card from your home screen, pull it up a little bit, and you will see it at the bottom. Put your fingerprint down, and you can use your card to pay with Samsung Pay.

If you do not want to pull up your card from the bottom, you can turn that feature off. Swipe up and find Samsung Pay from your apps. You can either search for it or type Pay and click Samsung Pay. Once you have it open, click the three lines at the top, go to settings, and then use favorite cards at the top. You can have it from your lock screen, home screen, or when the screen is off. If they are enabled, you will be able to pull up your card from the bottom. You might not want it from your home screen because, with the new navigation, it sometimes pulls up your cards as well. In that case, turn it off from your home screen.

In conclusion, Samsung Pay is a cool feature that enables you to use your phone for payments almost anywhere. However, if you find it annoying and want to disable it, follow the steps mentioned above. You can access your cards from your lock screen or home screen, but if you do not want to access it from the bottom, turn that feature off. Let us know in the comments if you use Samsung Pay and what your favorite thing to buy is.


How do I remove Samsung Pay card from home screen?
Open Samsung Pay on your phone, tap Menu (the three horizontal lines), and then tap Cards. Select the card you want to remove, and then tap More options (the three vertical dots). Tap Delete card, and then choose a reason for removing the card.
How do I get rid of Samsung Pay swipe up without an account?
Go to Quick access and default card. You can enable or disable the swipe gesture on the lock screen, home screen, or when the screen is off. You can enable different options or toggle off all three to disable the feature altogether.