How to Fix a Glitched Phone Screen: 7 Best Ways

Have you ever experienced a glitched phone screen with lines, random windows opening, or changing brightness? You’re not alone. This issue can happen to anyone, and it can be quite frustrating to deal with. However, there are some simple ways to fix it that you can try before seeking professional help.

Here are 7 best ways to fix a glitched phone screen:

1. Reboot your phone – This may sound like a simple solution, but sometimes rebooting your phone can do the trick. For iPhone 8 or later, press and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

2. Remove case or screen protector – If you’re using a case or screen protector, it could be causing the glitching. Try removing them to see if it fixes the problem.

3. Apply pressure to the top of the screen – If you dropped your phone and it started to glitch, apply pressure to the top of the screen. This could help re-connect the touch screen and logic board that may have become loose after the incident.

4. Turn off auto-brightness – If the brightness on your phone is changing too quickly, turn off auto-brightness. Go to Accessibility > Display & Text Size, and turn off the auto-brightness toggle.

5. Turn off color filter – If you’re seeing a pink or green screen, go to Display & Text Size > Color Filter, and turn the switch off.

6. Remove and reinstall an app – If the glitch only happens in a specific app, try removing the app and reinstalling it from the App Store.

7. Use a professional iOS repair tool – If none of the above solutions work, try using a professional iOS repair tool like ReiBoot. Connect your device and follow the instructions on the screen to repair your phone.

In conclusion, a glitched phone screen can be fixed with some simple solutions. Try these 7 best ways to fix it before seeking professional help.


How do you fix a glitching phone screen?
Restart to fix a glitching phone screen. ... Uninstall or update apps to troubleshoot phone glitching. ... Update iOS or Android system to make your phone stop glitching.More items...•
Why is my phone screen messed up?
The most common cause of a touch screen problem is a crack in the touch digitizer. This problem can be solved by simply replacing the screen on your device.
Can a cracked screen cause glitching?
It can cause your display to malfunction Even if at first your touchscreen display continues to work as usual, a crack can before long cause your phone's touch properties or display to malfunction or cease completely.