How to Lock App in Samsung: A Simple Trick

Open the Settings app. Scroll down and tap Security. Tap App Lock and hit Enable. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up a lock method and select the apps you wish to lock .

Samsung Galaxy phones do not have a default app lock feature, and there is no good third-party application that offers seamless app lock feature. But what if we told you that there’s a cool trick that can change the way you lock your applications? Using this trick, you will be able to lock your applications, and this stops the endless search for a good, properly functioning app lock application.

The trick involves two things: installing an application called Shortcut Maker and creating an app shortcut, and hiding the application on the phone for which you have created a shortcut using the Shortcut Maker application.

To execute the trick, first, download the Shortcut Maker application. Next, press and hold on the home screen, tap on widgets, search for Shortcut Maker, and add the widget. Tap on “applications” and find the app you want to lock. Check the “shortcut lock” box, and create the shortcut.

The next important step is to hide the application on the phone for which you have created a shortcut. Press and hold on the home screen, tap on settings, and select “hide application.” Hide the default app, and you will see the shortcut you created on your home screen. When you open the app, it will ask you to confirm the screen pattern, pin, or the password. Use your fingerprint or lock pattern or pin to unlock the application.

Basically, you are locking the shortcuts for these app icons, but nobody will know about it, even you yourself may not be able to figure out whether that is a default icon or the icon created through the Shortcut Maker. You can follow the same steps for any application on the phone to lock it, and once you hide the application on the system, it will not appear even if you search on the app tray or anywhere on the phone. You will only be able to see the shortcut icon available on the home screen.

The Shortcut Maker application is a gem of an app that you should download and check out. There are endless possibilities; you can create shortcuts, and do a lot of things there. You can create application pairs on the home screen using this app. Try it out for yourself, and see all that it can do.

In conclusion, this simple trick can change the way you lock your applications on your Samsung Galaxy phone. It’s a cool and simple trick that you can perform on your phone to lock the applications. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks using this application, and be sure to subscribe to the channel!


How do I lock apps on my Samsung screen?
For Android 10 to 12, go to Settings >, Biometrics and security >, Other security settings >, Pin windows and switch the button to On. For Android 13, go to Settings >, Security and privacy >, Other security settings >, Pin app and enable the option.