How to Get Samsung Gaming Hub on TV: A Guide to the Latest Addition to 2022 Samsung TVs

If you’re planning to upgrade to a Samsung TV this year, you’re in for a treat. With the latest addition of the Samsung gaming Hub, Samsung is bringing Next Level gaming to you without the hassle of juggling multiple gaming platforms.

The Samsung gaming Hub is a menu that has been added to the left-hand side pop-up menu on all new Samsung TVs through an update earlier this year. It is basically a hub for all of your gaming and streaming needs packed together into one easy-to-use menu that comes free with every 2022 Samsung TV.

The menu itself is free to use, working as a general hub for accessing consoles and managing accessories. It gives you access to gaming services like Xbox game pass, GeForce now, and Utomic amongst a handful of popular streaming services like Twitch and YouTube too.

The Samsung gaming Hub is largely geared towards the console gamer as the biggest selling point here is the ability to stream games through Xbox game pass with an Xbox controller without needing to have a console at all. It’s all Cloud streaming-based too, meaning that you don’t need to wait for games to download or worry about storage – just turn it on and play whatever you feel like in an instant.

Of course, the controls do differ, so it may take a while to get used to using a PlayStation controller with the Xbox game pass. However, on the whole, the universal system is pretty inclusive of any device you have.

The Samsung gaming Hub is possibly the start of a new era, ditching consoles in favor of cloud streaming. When considering making the switch, though, it’s good to remember that it’s highly dependent on a good quality internet connection. While it is great to be able to play as many new games as possible while enjoying the added benefits of game-enhancing features, the experience can differ based on your area and ability to access a consistent high-speed connection.

On the whole, though, this is an exciting venture to explore. It’s the first time that we’re seeing console-free gaming direct from your TV, especially through the Xbox, and it can really open up doors for those who can’t access the latest consoles.

If you’re an avid gamer, it can be really beneficial considering getting a Samsung TV this year, giving you access to exclusive Samsung gaming features, a user-friendly game-specific Hub, and of course, the potential to expand your gaming horizons all in one place.

To wrap up, the Samsung gaming Hub is a great addition to the 2022 Samsung TVs, and it’s worth exploring for both gamers and streamers. With its user-friendly interface, universal compatibility, and a range of exciting features, it’s no wonder that it’s already a hit among gamers.