How to Hide My App: A Neat Trick for iPhone Users

If you’re an iPhone user who wants to hide certain apps from the home screen temporarily, then you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll show you a very neat trick that allows you to hide applications from the home screen of your iPhone in plain sight.

Let’s say you have all your social networks installed or downloaded onto your iPhone and you want to hide them temporarily so that no one can see them. When you want to get back to them, you can unlock them again and bring them back onto the home screen and use them as normal.

This trick also allows you to hide certain aspects of the OS or certain features, and other stock applications as well without deleting them, which is the whole purpose here.

The first step is to head on over to screen time and set a passcode. Once you’re done, go to content privacy and restrictions. This option here allows you to hide certain apps from the view. You’ll see a list of applications that you can hide, including the mail application, Safari, FaceTime, the camera app, Siri, dictation, airdrop, carplay, and some additional applications at the bottom like iTunes, books, podcasts, news, health, and more.

Let’s say you want to hide social media applications. If you take a look at the list of apps, you’ll see that you have all of your social media installed. If you go back to content and privacy and restrictions and head to apps, you’ll see an age restriction option. Certain social media apps have an age restriction, so if you set this to for age or 9 or 4, you can actually hide them from the view. The social media applications are actually hidden from the view. They’re not here, but the data is still there, and the apps are installed.

Once you’ve hidden the apps, you can bring them back by going to allow all apps. Now all the apps will be visible. This is a neat trick that allows you to hide certain apps from the default apps as well as other third-party apps from plain sight on your device.

In conclusion, hiding apps on your iPhone is a great way to keep your phone’s home screen organized and free from clutter. The above trick is a great way to do this without deleting the apps altogether. So go ahead and try it out!