How to Lock and Secure Your Apple Watch

Lock manually Note: To manually lock your Apple Watch, you must turn off wrist detection . (Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch, tap Passcode, then turn off Wrist Detection.) You must enter your passcode the next time you try to use your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is an amazing device that is packed with features to help you stay connected and keep track of your fitness goals. One important feature is the ability to lock and unlock your Apple Watch to keep it secure. In this guide, we will show you how to set up a passcode and enable the unlock with iPhone option to ensure your Apple Watch is always secure.

To begin, tap on the Settings app on your Apple Watch and select Passcode. Here you can enable your passcode and set up a new password. Once you have set up your passcode, you will see a lock icon on your Apple Watch screen when it is locked.

When your Apple Watch is on your wrist and unlocked, it automatically locks when you take it off. This is a smart security feature that ensures your device is secure and prevents unauthorized access. You can also enable the unlock with iPhone option which allows your iPhone to unlock your Apple Watch automatically if you are wearing it.

To enable this feature, go to the Passcode section of the Apple Watch app and select the Unlock with iPhone option. With this feature enabled, you can use Touch ID to unlock your iPhone, and your Apple Watch will automatically unlock at the same time.

Overall, locking your Apple Watch is an important step in ensuring your personal information and data stays safe and secure. Whether you are exercising or just going about your daily routine, it is always a good idea to keep your Apple Watch locked and protected.


Why is there no lock icon on my Apple Watch?
With wrist detection turned on, the padlock icon no longer appears on your watch, so you can't manually lock it through the watch itself. Your only options are to take off your Apple Watch, which will cause it to lock, or to slide something under your watch between the back of your watch and your wrist.
Can I temporarily lock my Apple Watch?
There are several ways to lock and unlock your Apple Watch, and depending on the settings you select, you can always keep your Watch unlocked, unlock and lock it manually, or have it automatically lock when you're not wearing it.