How to Listen to Pandora Offline: A Guide for Subscribers

If you'd like to enable or disable Offline Mode, go to your Profile and tap the Settings gear in the top right corner. Find the Offline Mode switch at the bottom of the menu to turn Offline Mode on or off .

Pandora is a popular music streaming service that offers a wide range of stations and playlists to its users. However, many people wonder if it’s possible to listen to Pandora offline. The good news is that Pandora does offer an offline mode and download feature, but there are some limitations that subscribers should be aware of.

Offline mode is a feature that Pandora offers to its subscribers, allowing them to listen to music without a cell network signal. However, it’s only available to Pandora Premium, Pandora Premium Family subscribers, and only from iOS, Android mobile devices, Apple Watch, and Fitbit. For Pandora Plus subscribers, they can’t choose which stations they want available for offline listening. Instead, Pandora will automatically select up to three of their most listened-to stations as well as some pre-set radio stations and make them available on their offline station list. Pandora will never use the last 500 megabytes of storage on your device.

If you’re a Pandora Premium or Premium Family subscriber, you have the ability to select stations, download many songs, album stations, and playlists from Pandora’s library. The amount of storage you need for offline content can take up to 300-700 megabytes of device space, depending on the types of stations or albums you listen to. For example, classical music can take up more space than a pop station. Pandora will never use the last 500 megabytes of storage available. If your subscription is interrupted, you will lose access to offline connection. It’s not possible to transfer Pandora music collection to an external music library like Apple Music.

If you’re a Pandora Plus subscriber, Pandora will automatically select up to three of your most listened-to stations to get you started, as well as some pre-set radio stations. For Premium and Premium Family members, you can go to “My Collection” and click the download button. Note that it’s not possible to download podcasts. You can enable or disable offline mode, check out your demo settings, and remove all downloads.

In conclusion, listening to Pandora offline is possible, but it’s only available to certain subscribers and on certain devices. Pandora Plus subscribers have limited options, while Premium and Premium Family subscribers have more flexibility. It’s important to keep in mind the storage limitations and the fact that you can’t transfer your music collection to another platform. We hope this guide has been helpful for you.