How to Share YouTube TV: A Guide for Subscribers

Add family members Sign in to YouTube TV. Select your profile photo >, Settings >, Family sharing . Select Set up. Type the email address or phone number of the person who you want to invite. Select Send. You'll receive an email notification when someone joins your family.

Since its launch in 2018, YouTube TV has become a popular alternative to traditional cable TV. With live local channels and an unlimited DVR, it offers a lot of value for its subscribers. One of the added benefits of YouTube TV is the ability to share the streaming service with up to five additional users. This means that your family can watch YouTube TV with only one subscription.

However, there are a couple of limitations to be aware of. Only a total of three people or devices can stream YouTube TV at any one time. Additionally, the people you share YouTube TV with need to live in your home area. If the person you share your account with lives outside your state or region, they will eventually lose access in about three months because of location restrictions.

If you’re a YouTube TV subscriber and want to share your account with friends and family, here’s how to do it:

1. Sign into your account on a web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

2. Click on the icon image at the top right of the screen and then click on Settings.

3. On the popup menu click on Family Sharing.

4. Then click on Manage.

5. To share YouTube TV with another person, click on the button that says Invite Family Member.

6. Type in an email address of the person you want to share your account with. They must have a Gmail account.

7. Click on the confirmed email address in the search results box.

8. Click Send.

The recipient will receive an email with an invitation to join your YouTube TV account. They just need to click on Accept Invitation and then sign into YouTube TV on any computer, phone, smart TV, or any other streaming device.

If you sent an invitation by mistake, you can cancel it in your dashboard. If someone is already a member of your account, you can easily remove them by clicking on their icon and selecting remove member.

The management of users is important to make sure you don’t exceed the streaming limit and that everyone has access to the service. The good news is that each person you share your account with has their own independent DVR and viewing history, so everyone’s accounts won’t be cluttered with program suggestions, history, and unwanted recorded programs from other members.

In conclusion, YouTube TV sharing is a great feature that allows you to share the service with friends and family. It’s easy to set up, and each person has their own independent account. Just be aware of the limitations and location restrictions to make sure everyone has access to the service.

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Can I share YouTube TV with another house?
If you've purchased a YouTube TV membership, you can create a family group. A family group lets you share your membership with up to 5 members at no extra cost. When you create a family group, you become the family manager.
Can I watch YouTube TV in two different locations?
Can you watch YouTube TV in multiple locations? Yes, you can watch YouTube TV in multiple locations. However, you'll have to check in at your Home Area at least every three months in order to see your local networks.
Why can't I share YouTube TV?
Therefore, the first reason why YouTube TV family sharing isn't working could be that their account doesn't meet the following requirements: At least 13 years old. Must own a Google account. Must live in the same household as the family manager.
How do I accept a YouTube TV invite?
The person you invited to join your family group should open the email they received and click Accept Invitation.They will be taken to an explanation that you invited them to join your family on Google.More items...•