How to Share Freeform: A Guide to Collaborative Whiteboards

Freeform is a fantastic tool that allows you to create collaborative whiteboards with your friends and family. It’s a platform that allows you to bring your ideas to life using drawings, text, links, photos and more. In this article, we’ll show you how you can work together or alone to create and organize your boards.

Freeform is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Just make sure you and any friends who want to use it update to the latest software first. To start using Freeform on your iPad, open the Freeform app. On the left sidebar, you’ll find options for viewing all your projects, recent canvases you’ve worked on, shared boards, and more.

When you want to start a new board, tap the compose button at the top right of your screen. You can use Freeform for personal projects like mapping out a road trip or planning a volunteer project. Alternatively, you can create a board for a neighborhood party like us.

To add collaborators, tap the share button in the upper right corner, and then select how you want to share. You can choose to share via a recent messages conversation, email, or other options. Once your friend accepts the invitation, they can start collaborating with you.

Freeform offers a variety of tools and colors for writing and drawing. You can even add a note with the sticky note button. To add different shapes and objects to your board, tap the shape button to choose from different categories. For instance, you can add a food shape to your potluck list.

If you want to undo something, tap the undo button at the top right, or touch and hold it for both undo and redo options. To move an object, touch and hold it and place it wherever you’d like. To add text, tap the text box button or tap the media button to add photos, videos, PDFs, and more.

Once you’re done, you can export your board as a PDF, hide the grid lines, and more. You can even pinch to zoom out so you can review all your work on your board.

Freeform is a great tool for creating, collaborating, and organizing with others. With its user-friendly interface, you can start working on your projects in no time. So, start using Freeform now and let your ideas come to life.

In conclusion, Freeform is a fantastic tool that can help you collaborate with others effectively. It offers various features that can help you create personalized and engaging whiteboards with your friends and family. So, why not take the first step and start working on your boards today?