How to Add Stations to Pandora on Your iPhone

Create a station on the web In the Search tool at the top of your screen enter an artist, song, composer or genre. Select the appropriate search result (it may help to filter your results by Station) to go to its "backstage page." Select either Start Station to add the station to your collection.

Pandora is one of the best apps available for iPhone and desktop web application in terms of music. It allows you to tap into a world-classified genome of music, making it highly customizable to your preferences. In this article, we will discuss how to get a radio station on Pandora and listen to it on your iPhone.

To get started, the first step is to download the Pandora app from the App Store. It’s easy to find; simply search for “Pandora.” After downloading the app, open it on your phone. You’ll recognize the app icon, which looks like a big “P.”

If you haven’t used Pandora before, it’s important to understand how it works. Unlike traditional radio stations, you’re customizing your own radio station. You can create a station based on your favorite artists or genres. There are many ways to organize your stations, and it’s entirely up to you.

To create a new station, click on the “New Station” button, which is the second option from the left. You’ll be prompted to enter an artist, song, or composer. Let’s say you want to create a station based on James Brown. After entering his name, Pandora generates a radio station based on his music. However, you won’t just hear James Brown’s songs; you’ll hear artists who sound similar to him, thanks to Pandora’s Music Genome Project.

Pandora has identified artists that have similar tempos, voices, and sounds to James Brown, and they’ll play on your custom station. If you don’t like a song, you can skip it and move on to the next one. It’s also essential to note that Pandora is ad-sponsored, so you’ll hear ads just like on any FM radio station.

To conclude, Pandora is a great app for customizing your own radio station based on your favorite artists or genres. It’s easy to use and highly customizable. By following these simple steps, you can create a radio station on Pandora and enjoy listening to it on your iPhone.


How do I add a playlist to Pandora?
Go to My Collection, sort by Playlist, then tap + New Playlist. Enter a name for your playlist and tap Next. Use the search bar to find your favorite songs or albums to add to your playlist.
How do I download a station on Pandora?
If you're a Pandora Premium subscriber, you have the added have ability to download tracks, albums, stations, and playlists. To do so, simply tap on the download icon to the left of the play/pause button within a station's page. To save individual songs, first tap on the music bar to reveal the song's information card.
How do I get radio stations on Pandora?
Turn on your Android phone and open the Pandora app.Tap the “Station List” button in the bottom left corner and press the “Menu” button.More items...
How many stations can you create on Pandora?
>, Visit Community Chat Q: What song never fails to put you in a good mood? Hi @AngieA10 There is a 250 station limit on all accounts, free or paid. Pandora Premium listeners are also limited to 250 stations, but can create as many playlists as they like.