How to Make a Playlist on Pandora

Go to My Collection, sort by Playlist, then tap + New Playlist . Enter a name for your playlist and tap Next. Use the search bar to find your favorite songs or albums to add to your playlist.

Creating a personalized playlist can enhance your music listening experience on Pandora. Whether you want to have a playlist for a party, a workout, or just to relax, Pandora makes it easy to create a playlist in just a few steps.

To create a new playlist from the My Collection screen, go to My Collection, sort by playlist, then tap plus new playlist. Enter a name for your playlist and tap next. Use the search bar to find your favorite songs or albums to add to your playlist.

If you’re using Pandora on the web, head to your playlist tab under the music library. Then hit the three dots under the playlist you want to share, select share to make the playlist public, and you’ll get a link that will direct anyone right to it.

If you’re using an iPhone, tap Library, then tap Playlists, and then tap New Playlist. Touch and hold a song, album, or playlist, tap Add to a Playlist, and then tap New Playlist.

Creating a station on the Pandora website is also easy. In the search tool at the top of your screen, enter an artist, song, composer, or genre. Then click the appropriate search result. Click Start Station to add the station to your collection.

Pandora’s curated playlists are of high quality and variety, and their stations are similar to Spotify’s radio. While Spotify has a better discovery algorithm, whether you prefer the music discovery style of Spotify or Pandora is completely up to preference.

By following these simple steps, you can create personalized playlists that suit your music preferences and enhance your listening experience on Pandora.


Can you make a playlist on Pandora free?
To make a playlist on Pandora, you need to have a Pandora Premium account — which is $9.99 a month regularly, or $4.99 a month for students. The ability to create playlists is not available with the free version of Pandora or the $4.99 a month Pandora Plus plan.
Where are playlists on Pandora?
In the app, tap My Collection >, Filter >, Playlists >, New Playlist. Enter a name for the playlist >, Next.On the web: Log in to Pandora and select Playlists >, Create playlist. Give the new playlist a name.Next, select Find a Song to add >, choose songs, albums, or artists for the playlist.
How many songs can you have in a playlist on Pandora?
There isn't a limit on the amount of songs/albums/playlists you can add to your collection with your Premium subscription. However, there is a 250 rolling limit for regular stations on all accounts, free or paid.