How to Find a Deleted Number on Your iPhone

You can also just go directly to Google Contacts Google Contacts Google Contacts is a contact management service developed by Google . It is available as an Android mobile app, a web app, or on the sidebar of Gmail as part of Google Workspace. › wiki › Google_Contacts Google Contacts - Wikipedia . You will now see a list of all contacts saved to your Google account. Open the side menu and select Trash to recover any numbers you've recently deleted .

Losing important contacts on your iPhone can be frustrating, especially if you have accidentally deleted them. If you have turned on iCloud syncing, the contacts would be deleted from iCloud as well. So, is it possible to get them all back without collecting details and adding them one by one? Fortunately, there are several ways to make that happen.

Restore from

One way to restore deleted contacts is through Attach your phone to the computer, then open the browser and go to Once signed in, click on Account Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page, under Advanced, click Restore Contacts. Click Restore next to the date before you deleted the content, and then click Restore again to confirm. Your lost contacts will appear on your device.

Restore from iTunes Backup

Another way is to restore from your iTunes backup. Open iTunes, then plug your phone in, and make sure you have turned off Find My iPhone. Once detected, hit the iPhone icon, then click on Restore Backup. Choose a recent backup that could contain the contacts and hit restore to confirm. Keep in mind that this not only restores contacts but also restores data like messages, apps data, and settings to your iPhone. The device will restart, and you should enter your passcode when prompted. This process could take a while, depending on how big the backup is. Once done, go ahead and complete the setup. Your lost contacts will be back.

Use UltData as an Alternative

If you have difficulty using iTunes, Ultdata could make a nice alternative. Once launched, connect your phone to the computer. First, try recovering the lost contacts from the device directly without using any backups. Select contacts only, then hit the scan button. If it doesn’t seem to find the lost contacts, switch to the recover data from iTunes backup section. Choose the backup that might contain the contacts and hit next. Now select contacts again and hit the scan button. This time it should find all the deleted ones. You can customize a location and export them to your computer or restore them back to your iPhone.

In conclusion, there are several ways to retrieve deleted contacts on your iPhone. Whether it’s through, iTunes backup, or Ultdata, the process is relatively simple and can save you a lot of time and hassle. So, next time you accidentally delete an important number, don’t panic, just follow these steps to retrieve it.


Can I retrieve deleted phone numbers?
Open your phone's Settings app. Tap Google. Tap Set up &, restore. Tap Restore contacts.
How do I find deleted numbers on my Iphone?
Sign in to down to the bottom of the window, then select Data Recovery.Select Restore Contacts or Restore Bookmarks.Select Restore next to the date before you deleted the content.Select Restore again to confirm.
Can I find a number I deleted on Android?
On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Contacts app . At the top right, select the Google Account that has the contact you moved to the Trash. Trash. Recover.
How to retrieve deleted text messages?
Tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and open the Recycle bin. Check your deleted text messages. Long tap the message you want to retrieve. Select Restore at the bottom and check the same in your primary inbox.