How to Know If Someone Deleted Messages on Messenger

You cannot tell if someone deletes the messages on their Messenger . Your message will not be affected or deleted, nor will you be notified of what has happened.

Do you suspect someone may have deleted messages from your Messenger app? Maybe you accidentally deleted some important messages and need to retrieve them? Whatever the reason may be, you’ll be glad to know that recovering deleted messages on Messenger is actually pretty easy.

First, make sure you’re connected to the internet. Then, open your Facebook app. The process is the same for Android and iOS devices. Once you’re in the app, tap on the three lines in the bottom right corner (or top right corner for Android) and scroll down to “Settings and Privacy.” From there, select “Settings” and scroll down to “Your Facebook Information.”

Here, you’ll see an option to “Download Your Information.” Tap on this and deselect all options except for “Messages.” Then, choose your preferred date range and format (HTML is the easiest) before requesting to create the file. You’ll get a notification that your request is pending, which could take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours depending on the amount of data on your Messenger app.

Once the file is ready, tap on “Download” to get a ZIP file. Unzip this file and you’ll find an HTML file with all the messages from individual people. Simply click on the person’s name to view all the messages and media within.

That’s it! You’re all set to recover any deleted messages on Messenger. No need to worry about accidentally deleting messages or wondering if someone else deleted them. With this simple process, you can easily retrieve all your Messenger conversations.


How can you see deleted messages on Messenger?
You can recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger by downloading them or checking old email notifications.You can also recover them by looking in the cache of the Messenger app, if you use Android.You can also check your archived messages or ask the person you were messaging with for a copy.
What happens when someone deletes a message on Messenger?
Keep in mind that once the message sends, the other person can see it. When you delete a message in Messenger, you only delete it for yourself. The other party can still see it. But you can overcome this by unsending a message.
How do you tell if messages have been deleted?
Open the default Messages app on your Samsung phone. Tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and open the Recycle bin. Check your deleted text messages.
How do you delete messages on Messenger without them knowing?
You can permanently unsend a message that you've sent or just hide a message from your view. If you select Unsend for You, other people in the chat will still see the messages in their chat screen. If you select Unsend for Everyone, people included in the chat won't be able to see the unsent message.