How to Create a Poll on Facebook Messenger

If you want to create a poll in your Facebook Messenger, the first step is to create a group since you cannot send the poll individually. Once you have created the group, open it up, and add your friends. Then, click on the three dots line. From there, click on “Poll Question” and set up your question. For example, “What’s your favorite game?” Then, add your options. You can add anything you want. For instance, Free Fire, PUBG, Clash of Clan, and Call of Duty. After you have set up your options, simply click on “Create Poll”.

Once you have created the poll, anyone in the group can vote. They can simply tap on the option they prefer and click on “Submit”. After that, your opinion will be dropped out to your group members. They will be able to see which option you chose.

Creating a poll on Facebook Messenger is straightforward and easy. You can easily poll your friends and get their opinions on anything you want. The above steps guide you on how to create a poll in your Facebook Messenger. There is no need to worry if you are not tech-savvy. Follow these steps, and you will create your first poll in no time.