How to Create a Poll in Outlook

Create a poll In a new email message, go to the Message tab, and then click Poll. ... When the poll pane opens, type your first question and two options. To add additional options, click + Add option. When you're done adding options, you can decide if you want responders to only select a single answer or multiple answers. More items...

Are you tired of sending emails back and forth trying to coordinate lunch plans or other activities with your colleagues? Well, did you know that you can create a quick poll in Outlook to get everyone’s input all at once? In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that.

First, it’s important to note that you can embed a poll in both the web-based and desktop versions of Outlook. If you’re using the desktop version, simply write your email and click on the “Poll” button. If you’re using the web-based version, click on the three dots and choose “Poll.” From there, you’ll need to provide information for your single question and the choices for your respondents.

Once you’ve created your poll, it’s important to note that behind the scenes, Microsoft Forms is actually being used to build the survey. This means that when you create a poll in Outlook, a form is automatically created in your account. You can access this form in the “Forms” section of your account to see the responses and export them to Excel if needed.

It’s also worth noting that the form created by Outlook is read-only and cannot be edited. This is because it’s intended to be a one-time-use poll and not a survey that will be shared or used repeatedly.

By using the poll feature in Outlook, you’re actually utilizing multiple applications at once. It’s a great way to streamline communication and get everyone’s input all at once.

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