How to Create a Poll in Slack

Slack is a widely used team communication tool that provides many features to improve productivity and collaboration within teams. One of the most useful features of Slack is the ability to create polls and surveys to gather feedback and make decisions. In this article, we’ll discuss how to create polls in your Slack app, which apps you can use, etc.

To create a poll in Slack, you’ll need to add an app. There are several apps available for this purpose, but the most popular one is Polly. To install Polly, go to the Slack App Directory and search for it. After installing the app, you can start creating polls straight from your Slack app.

To create a poll, simply type “Polly” and your question. You have various options to choose from, such as one to five, one to ten, agree/disagree, multiple choice, and open-ended poll types. You can also choose whether the poll is one-time or recurring, and select a channel to share it in. Once you submit the poll, all members of your team will receive a notification in the selected channel with the poll question. You can then see who responded yes or no.

Another useful feature of Polly is the ability to create surveys. To create a survey, type “Polly” and select the survey option. You’ll be redirected to a web page where you can add your questions, choices, and specify whether the survey is one-time or recurring. Once you’ve created the survey, Polly will send it to all members of your team, and you can view the responses in your Slack app.

It’s worth noting that you can also create anonymous polls or surveys. To do this, select the option to create an anonymous poll or survey when creating the poll or survey. This is useful when you want to gather honest feedback without revealing the respondents’ identities.

In conclusion, creating polls and surveys in Slack is a simple and effective way to gather feedback and make decisions in your team. By using the Polly app or other available apps, you can easily create polls and surveys and view the results in your Slack app.