Destiny: How to Create a Clan

Players can create a new Clan in the Destiny Companion which will designate them as the Clan Founder of the newly created Clan. To create a Clan, players should use the "Create Clan" button on the Clans page. During the Clan creation process, the Clan Founder can set the Clan Name, Motto, and Mission Statement. More items...

If you’re playing Destiny 2 and want to join forces with other players, you might want to consider creating a clan. Clans are groups of players who team up to complete missions, raids, and other activities within the game. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to create a clan in Destiny 2.

First, you need to go to You can find the link in the description. Once you’re on the website, sign in to your PSN account, Xbox Live account, or account if you’re using it for the PC version. After signing in, go to the “Clans” tab and click on “Clans.” Here, you can create your clan name, clan short name, clan motto, and give a little description about your clan.

Once you’ve entered all the required information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Create Clan.” If you didn’t sign in, you could still create a clan by going to the “Clans” tab and clicking on “Clans,” but it wouldn’t be linked to your account.

After creating your clan, you’ll see your clan title, rewards, and your own little clan chat. You can also edit different parts of your clan, such as adding additional channels or editing your banner. If you want to invite more members, you need to go to the search icon and search for your friend’s gamertag, PSN, or Battlenet IDs.

Once you’ve found your friend, click on his or her profile and select “Invite To.” Choose the system you’re using for your clan, and your friend will receive an invitation to join your clan. It’s as simple as that.

If you have any more questions about Destiny 2 clans or anything related to Destiny 2, feel free to leave them in the comments below. And if you want to advertise your clan, you can do so in the comments as well. We hope this guide helped you create your own Destiny 2 clan and connect with other players.


Why can't I create a clan on destiny?
Unlike, say, Call of Duty, you can't make a Destiny 2 clan inside of the game. The only way to make a clan in Destiny 2 is to use either Bungie's website or the Destiny Companion App.
Where do I make a clan in Destiny 2?
Launch the Destiny 2 Companion App and sign in with your Xbox Network, PlayStation Network, or Steam account. Tap Clan at the bottom of the screen. Tap Create Clan. Fill out your Clan's name, call sign, Motto, and introduction, then pick language and membership options.
When can you make a destiny clan?
If you already have a group of players ready to play together in Destiny 2, then you're ready to create your own clan on Bungie's website. Thankfully, it's a remarkably easy process that should only take a few minutes. Do keep in mind that you'll have to have a account before creating a clan.
How do you make a clan in Destiny 2 2023?
The first thing you want to do is head over to the Bungie Clan website. Yes, you'll be creating a clan on the website instead of in the game. Sign in to your Destiny 2 account by entering your log in credentials. After logging in, you should be able to see the option to create a clan.