Destiny 2 Cross Save Characters Not Showing Up? Here’s How to Fix It

Bungie recently released the next season for Destiny 2, Season of the Lost. This update is special because Bungie launched crossplay with this update. This means you’ll be able to play with PC players on Steam, console users from Xbox and PlayStation, and even Stadia players. How easy is it to get started crossplaying with others, including the friends on your friends list? Let’s get you set up.

The first time you open up the game with the new update, you’ll be either notified that you need a account to be able to cross-play or they will automatically assign you with a account number at the end of your account if you have a account linked already. Now it’s probably a good idea to make sure everything is set up on your account, regardless if you have a account linked or not. So, before proceeding, head over to and create your account and/or log in. Once you’re logged in, you can check your profile and make any of these basic changes you want here.

The next step is to link your platform accounts. Go to the account linking tab on the left navigation. Here, you will choose the platforms that you play on and sync them to your account. You will need your platform-specific credentials to log into each individual system, so have those ready.

The next part is the best part about this crossplay feature. They allow you to play your characters from one specific platform on any platform you desire. To do this, go to the cross-save link on the left navigation. You should see all your linked accounts here. Now make sure that all the accounts associated with your account are authenticated and hit the continue button. You can also link your platforms from here if you didn’t do it in the last step.

Now that everything is authenticated, hit continue. From here, you’ll be able to choose the active account with the characters you want to use on all platforms. Confirm that account, and then it will have you review your account to activate. Hit the yes, do it button, and it will have you hit check boxes to confirm one last time. Once finished, you’ll see a final confirmation screen, and you should be good to go. If you want to review your setup one more time, hit that button in the middle, and you’ll be able to see your account and the ability to deactivate cross save.

You will also have the ability to buy the expansions for every platform. The expansions do not cross over to each platform, their progress does, but the ability to play them does not, so you will have to buy them separately for each platform. Get them on sale!

We highly suggest that you add your friends from your other platforms through the import tool on the bungie friends tab. You can import all of your contacts from your linked platforms from here. If you need to add a new contact from another platform, the best way to do this is to go in-game and go to the roster tab and enter the bungee name and the associated number. You do need to have the correct number to add this friend accordingly.

To find yours, highlight your name. This is the most common way to make friends with others on any platform if they’re not already on your friends’ list. If you happen to be on the same instance and are nearby, you can send them an invite to them as well.

Follow these steps so you can crossplay and cross-save with ease. If anyone you know is having trouble with this cross-playing, cross-saving thing, feel free to share this post.