How to Delete a Group in Facebook

Updated mobile browser experience Tap Manage and select People. Tap each member and select Remove [name] from group (for private groups) or Ban from group (for public groups). When you're the last group member, return to the main group page. Tap the name of the group and select Delete Group.

If you’re an admin of a Facebook group that you no longer need, you might want to delete it. However, it’s not as simple as just clicking a button. In this article, we will guide you through the steps on how to delete a Facebook group.

First, you need to remove every member of the group. Facebook doesn’t have the option to remove all members at once, so you have to remove each member one by one. This includes yourself since you can’t delete a group if you’re still a member.

To remove members, click on “Members” and then click on “Leave group” for each member. Once you’ve removed all members, you can now delete the group.

To delete the group, click on the three dots icon and select “Leave group” again. This time, you’ll see the option to “Delete group.” Click on that, and your group will disappear.

It’s important to note that you can only delete a group if you’re the admin. If you’re not the admin, you’ll need to ask the admin to remove you or make you the admin before you can delete the group.

Deleting a Facebook group is quick and easy as long as you follow the necessary steps. By removing all group members and then deleting the group, it will disappear from Facebook completely.


How do I permanently delete a Facebook group?
Tap. in the top right of Facebook and tap Groups then Your groups, then select your group. ... Tap and select People.Tap each member's name and select Remove member (for private groups) or Ban from group (for public groups).When you're the last group member, tap then tap Delete Group.Tap Delete Group.
Why can't I delete a group on Facebook?
To delete a Facebook group, the owner has to remove every member and then leave the group. Only owners are able to delete Facebook groups — admins can just archive them. Archiving a Facebook group means that no new members will be able to join.
How do I delete a group?
Sign in to Google Groups.Click the name of a group.On the left, click Group settings. Delete group.Click Delete group.Click OK to confirm.
How do I delete a Facebook group without removing all members?
Go to the group management page and click the Members heading in the main window. Step 2: Click the three dots next to the members you want to remove, then select “remove from group”. Step 3: When you are the only member left in the group, you are ready to delete the Facebook Group.