How to Remove Green Triangle in Excel: A Simple Solution

To stop the green triangle error from showing, you can switch off background error checking in Excel. In the Ribbon, go to File >, Options >, Formulas >, Error Checking. Remove the tick from the Enable background error checking option, and then click OK.

Have you ever faced an issue where, after copying a large amount of numerical data from one worksheet to another in Microsoft Excel, each numerical cell has a green triangle on the top left corner? These green triangles signify that the number is stored as text, and you cannot apply arithmetic operations like multiplication, addition, or subtraction.

So, how do you convert these cells into numbers? The solution is simple. You just need to have one cell with the value 1 and multiply the entire column with this value. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Copy the cell with the value 1.

2. Select all the cells where the numerical value is stored.

3. Go to the “Paste” option under the “Home” tab.

4. Click on “Paste Special.”

5. Click on “Multiply.”

Once you click on “Multiply,” all the selected cells will be multiplied by the value 1, which will convert them into numbers. This is the quickest and easiest way to convert all the cells into numbers, saving you a lot of time.

Using this approach, you can convert numbers that are stored as text in your Microsoft Excel worksheet into numbers that you can use for arithmetic operations or any other purpose. This method can be applied to large amounts of numerical data, making it a useful and efficient solution.

In conclusion, if you’re struggling with green triangles in Excel, follow these simple steps to convert the cells into numbers. It will save you time and make your work much easier.


Why do my Excel cells have a green triangle?
The Trace Error button appears next to the cell in which a formula error occurs, and a green triangle appears in the upper-left corner of the cell. When you click the arrow next to the button, a list of options for error checking appears. For more information, see Detect errors in formulas.
How do I get rid of the green arrow in the corner of an Excel cell?
Click on “File” in the upper left of your excel document.Click on “Options” in the lower left.Click on “Formulas” in the left navigation column.Uncheck the box that says “Enable background error checking”.Click the “OK” button to save.
What is the green triangle format in Excel?
With error checking turned on in Excel, you see a small green triangle if you enter a number into a cell that has text formatting applied to it. If you don't want to see these error indicators, you can turn them off.