How to Remove Decimals in Excel Without Rounding

Removing Decimals Without Rounding Using the TRUNC function is helpful when you simply need to convert a decimal value to a whole number. With this function, you can truncate a decimal value to make it precise. On the basis of a given number of digits, you can use it to truncate a number.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that can help you with many tasks, including financial analysis, data entry, and more. However, when you try to remove decimal places in Excel, it will automatically round up or down to the nearest value. If you want to keep the whole number at the end of that, you need to use a different method. In this post, we will discuss how to remove decimals in Excel without rounding.

To start, let’s divide two numbers real quick in Excel. For example, we can divide 5 by 2. Obviously, this is not going to be a whole number, but that’s what we want. We’ll put a formula in the E column, click equals, and then say we want to divide this number and push the division symbol by that number. We’ll enter this formula to get a nice little decimal number.

If we click on the “remove decimal places” button or decrease decimal places, it will round up, and that’s not what we want to do. Instead, we need to come up to the functions bar and start typing a built-in programming function that’s right in Microsoft Excel. The function we want is the Trinitite function, which means to cut off. It’s the programming equivalent of cutting off the blood flow to amputate a limb. To use this function, we’ll continue typing, and Excel will automatically fill out the rest of the function.

Once we locate the Trinitite function and click on it, it will fill out the rest of the formula. We’ll put in a parenthesis, go to the end of it, close parentheses, and hit enter. There you go! It’s removed the last decimal place and given us a whole number. We can even remove the zero off of there.

We can apply this method to any decimal number we need to remove in Excel. If we want to divide by three instead, we’ll get another whole number. The same goes for dividing by four. These methods cut off the decimals and give us just the whole number we need.

In conclusion, it’s easy to remove decimals in Excel without rounding by using the Trinitite function. This method allows you to keep the whole number at the end of the calculation. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, you can email the creator of JRA Studios, Josiah Ray, at [email protected].