How to Delete Your Facebook Dating Profile

To delete your Facebook Dating profile: Go to your Facebook app and tap , then Dating. Tap in the top right. Tap General. Scroll down and tap Delete Profile. Tap Delete.

Facebook Dating is a feature within the Facebook app that allows users to find potential matches based on shared interests. However, if you’re no longer interested in using Facebook Dating or you’re not getting the right matches, you can delete your profile. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Tap on the Facebook app on your device and tap the menu icon at the bottom right.

2. Scroll down and tap “More” to find the Facebook Dating option.

3. Once you’ve accessed Facebook Dating, tap the gear icon at the top right and then tap “General.”

4. Midway down the page, you’ll see two options: “Take a Break” or “Delete Profile.” If you’re sure you want to delete your profile, tap “Delete Profile.”

5. Facebook will ask you why you want to delete your profile. Choose any reason and hit “Next.”

6. Hit “Next” again and Facebook will ask if you want to update your profile. If you’re sure you want to delete it, hit “Delete Profile.”

7. Keep in mind that if you proceed, you won’t be able to create a new dating profile for seven days. So, if you’re talking to someone, make sure you’re not ghosting them for seven days.

If you’re not sure whether you want to delete your profile completely, you can always choose to “Take a Break” instead. This will pause the Facebook Dating app, and you can resume using it later.

Deleting your Facebook Dating profile is a simple process that requires just a few taps. Just be sure that you’re ready to delete it permanently before proceeding.


How do I remove Facebook Dating from the bottom bar?
Open the Facebook app for iPhone, iPad or Android.From any Facebook page, tap and hold on a navigation shortcut on the navigation bar.Tap Turn off notification dots, or Hide from shortcut bar to remove it.