How to Schedule Post on Facebook Group

Schedule a post in a Facebook group you manage Tap in the bottom right of Facebook and tap Groups then Your groups, then select your group. ... Tap Write something... to start creating a post. ... Tap Schedule. Select the date and time when you want the post to publish, then tap Save. Tap Schedule.

Do you manage a Facebook group and find yourself consumed with the daily task of uploading and sharing posts to your community? As a business owner, managing your group activity and being a group admin or moderator can take up a lot of your time. But there are times when it is best to share and create in the moment content and times when it is best to share scheduled posts.

Scheduling posts can help you automate the posts that you share on your Facebook group, especially when you don’t have all the time to upload posts manually at a preferred time. In this article, we will guide you on how to schedule posts on your Facebook group and how it can help you save time and better organize your posts.

Creating Scheduled Posts on Facebook Group

1. Go to your Facebook group and from the left menus click on “Scheduled Posts.” If you haven’t scheduled any posts yet, it will show that there are no scheduled posts.

2. Click the “Create Post” button to start creating scheduled posts on your Facebook group. Before creating scheduled posts, it will show you your group rules first.

3. Write your caption and upload any media for your content. Then click on the “scheduled post” icon below.

4. Choose a date and time when you want your post to be published. You can view all the posts that you have scheduled under the “Scheduled Posts” tab.

5. You can reschedule the post or you can post it now if you need to add more content that you can schedule. You can schedule that content using the “Create Post” text box on your group’s discussion feed.

6. To schedule a post, write the caption and upload the media for your content. Instead of choosing the “Post” button, click on the “scheduled post” icon below. Then choose the date and time when you want your post to be published.

7. Click “Schedule.” When you click on the “Scheduled Posts” menu, you will be able to view all the content that you have scheduled to be posted in your group at a later time. All the scheduled content will show you how many hours are left before the content will be live.

Benefits of Scheduling Posts on Facebook Group

1. Saves Time: Posting content manually may get in the way of your everyday activities. Scheduling posts saves you time and helps you attend to more important activities and planning for your business.

2. Organizes Your Posts: You can plan what content is relevant to be shared on a particular day and time. If there is a need to reschedule it at a later date and time, it is possible to change the schedule for sharing the content.

3. Efficient: You can spend a few hours posting content that you want to share with your group members. You may upload content in bulk and schedule content to share for a week or up to a month.

4. Consistency: When you have prepared ahead of time and already uploaded the content to share in your group, you can make sure that you won’t miss any day of sharing content with your group members.

Scheduling posts can help you better manage your Facebook group and save you time. You can plan and schedule your posts ahead of time, organize your content, and achieve consistency in sharing content with your group members.

Now that you know about creating scheduled posts, you can engage your audience better and get them involved in your group activities. So, start scheduling your posts and make your Facebook group activities more efficient.


Why can't I Schedule Facebook posts anymore?
Why can't I schedule a post on Facebook? To schedule posts on Facebook, you need either admin access or permission to post on that page.
How do I Schedule a post on Facebook?
Step 1: Write your post. ... Step 2: Preview the post.Step 3: Select a date and time. ... Step 4: Schedule your post.Step 1: Click Create Post. ... Step 2: Select the Facebook Page you want to publish to. ... Step 3: Create your post.More items...
How far in advance can you Schedule Facebook group posts?
You can schedule Facebook posts for up to one year in advance with just a few clicks. All you have to do is go to the “Bulk Upload” tab &, Download the CSV file. Fill the CSV file with your posts &, time to post &, save it &, then upload it. You can add up to 500 posts &, schedule them in one go!
How do I see scheduled posts in a Facebook group?
Go to the group where your post is scheduled and tap on the top right. Tap Scheduled posts. Here you can see all the posts you have scheduled in this group.