How to Archive Labels in Gmail

Keeping track of emails can be a challenge, especially when you receive a lot of them. In a work environment, it is important to be able to quickly find and reference important emails from colleagues and superiors. Gmail offers several features to help organize emails, including creating labels and filters.

Creating labels in Gmail is an easy way to categorize and identify emails. To create a label, go to Settings and then Labels. Click Create a Label and give it a name, such as “Management.” You can also choose a color for the label to make it more visible.

To apply the label to all emails from a specific sender, you can create a filter. Open an email from the sender you want to label, click on the three dots next to the Reply button, and select Filter messages like this. In the From section of the filter, enter the email address of the sender. Then, choose the label you created and click Create Filter.

Now, all emails from that sender will be automatically labeled with the designated color. This makes it much easier to find important emails from specific people quickly.

In addition to using labels, there are other ways to manage and organize emails in Gmail. For example, you can set up filters to have certain emails bypass your inbox and go directly to a different folder. This can be useful for emails that you don’t need to see immediately but want to keep for reference later.

By using these organizational tools, you can save time and increase productivity by quickly finding important emails and keeping your inbox clutter-free.