How to Switch Between iTunes Libraries: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hold down the Shift key while you open iTunes (go to Start, then choose iTunes >, iTunes). In the window that appears, do one of the following: Create a new library: Click Create Library. Choose a different library: Click Choose Library.

Transferring your iTunes library from one computer to another can be a hassle, and unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer an easy solution. In this tutorial, we will show you how to transfer your iTunes library to a new computer without too much trouble.

To begin, open up your iTunes library by heading to the file tab at the top left of the screen. After left-clicking on library, select organize library, and check the box marked consolidate files. This will put copies of all media files used by iTunes in the iTunes media folder while leaving the original files in their current locations. Click okay to proceed.

Next, locate your iTunes media folder. Assuming you have a normal location for your music and haven’t changed it during the installation, you can find it by going underneath “This PC” on Windows 10. For older versions of Windows, you might see “My Computer” or “C Drive.” Once you’ve opened that up, double click on users, your current user account, then in music, and finally in iTunes.

Right-click on the iTunes folder and click copy. Transfer the copied folder to a USB flash drive and then paste it onto your new computer’s desktop. Open up File Explorer on your new computer, and go back to the music folder. Select the iTunes folder, right-click, and delete it. Now, drag and drop the iTunes folder from your desktop onto the music folder on your new computer.

It’s important to note that this will overwrite any music you currently have installed on your new computer, assuming it’s a fresh install. From here, open up iTunes, and your music library should have been transferred over from your other computer.

While it may seem like a daunting task, transferring your iTunes library can be accomplished with just a few simple steps. We hope this brief tutorial has helped you out, and happy listening!


Can I have 2 iTunes libraries on the same computer?
Having multiple iTunes libraries is similar to having two separate computers, each with iTunes. The libraries are completely separate: Music, movies, or apps that you add to one library won't appear in the other unless you copy the files to it (with one exception).
How do I switch between iTunes libraries on Mac?
Press and hold the Option key, then open the Apple Music app.In the window that appears, click Choose Library.Select the iTunes library that you want to switch to.Click Choose.
Can you have two Apple Music libraries?
You can have more than one music library in Music. For example, you could have a library of holiday music that wouldn't appear in Music the rest of the year. Or you could keep some of your music in a library on an external storage device.
Can you have 2 separate iTunes accounts?
Not many people are aware of this, but it is possible to sign in and use multiple Apple IDs on an iPhone or iPad. You can log in and set up multiple Apple IDs on an iOS device from the Settings app, and use them for different purposes like contacts, email, notes, bookmarks, etc.