How to Connect a Switch Controller: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wireless pairing procedure Select "Controllers" on the HOME Menu. Select "Change Grip/Order". Hold the SYNC Button on the controller you want to pair. (Release the button once the controller LED starts flashing.) ... When the message "Paired" appears on the screen, the pairing is complete.

Are you tired of using the standard Nintendo Switch controllers? Do you want to level up your gameplay with a pro controller? Look no further because syncing up a controller with your Nintendo Switch is easy.

First, make sure your controller is fully charged before beginning the syncing process. Then, locate the sync button on the back of your controller. It may be a bit difficult to reach, so you may need to use something to press it down.

Next, on your Nintendo Switch, go to the “Controllers” option and change the grip order. Hold down the sync button on your controller until you feel a slight vibration. This indicates that the controller is synced with your Switch.

You should see your controller’s battery level on the screen. Press the “A” button on your controller to complete the syncing process. Now you can control your Switch with your new controller.

To customize your controller settings, go to the “Options” menu and choose either “Builder Pro” or “Custom.” Customizing your controller settings will make your gaming experience smoother and faster.

Once your controller is synced, you’re ready to play. Your gameplay should be lag-free and your controller should work smoothly. Whether you’re playing Fortnite or other games, a pro controller is a great investment for your Nintendo Switch.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments section. Happy gaming!


Why is my controller not connecting to my switch?
Try pressing the SYNC Button on each of your controllers several times and check if this resolves the issue. * Pressing the SYNC Button will interrupt the controller's wireless communication with the console. Reconnect the controller by pressing one of the directional or A/B/X/Y Buttons.
Where is the sync button on Joy-Con?
Press and hold the Sync button on the black edge of the controller. Wait for the lights alongside the Sync button to rove back and forth, indicating that the Joy-Con is in pairing mode.