How to Connect PS5 Controller to Switch

Connecting your PS5 Dual Sense controller to your Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, or Switch OLED is quick and easy, and it only takes a couple of minutes. All you need is an adapter, and there are several adapters available in the market. In this post, we will guide you on how to connect your PS5 controller to your Switch.

Firstly, you need to make sure you have the “pro controller wire communication” option enabled on your Nintendo Switch. To do this, go to settings, then controllers and sensors. Once you have confirmed that this option is enabled, you can proceed to connect your adapter.

The 8bitdo adapter is a popular choice among gamers for connecting their PS5 controllers to their Switch consoles. This adapter has a USB-A connector, which you will need to connect to your Switch, and it is compatible with the USB-C connector on the Nintendo Switch. However, you will need an additional USB-C to USB-A adapter to connect the 8bitdo adapter in handheld mode.

Once you have connected your adapter, tap the button on it, and it should start blinking. On your PS5 controller, hold down the two buttons until the light bar starts blinking too. You will feel a vibration in your controller, and the light will become solid, indicating that it is connected.

With the dock station, you can simply plug your adapter into the USB port on your dock and follow the same instructions. All buttons, sticks, and triggers work with the PS5 controller, including vibration and motion controls. The touchpad on the PS5 controller acts as a screenshot button, while the two buttons act like the “+” and “-” buttons on the Switch controller.

However, note that there is no support for adaptive triggers, microphone, or headphone features, as the PS5 controller mimics the Switch Pro controller that does not have these features.

If you want to connect your PS4 Dual Shock controller, the process is the same as with the PS5 controller, and everything will work too. However, if you want to connect Xbox controllers, be careful, as not all adapters will work. Xbox controllers have a different connection protocol, and they may not work after Microsoft updates them.

In conclusion, connecting your PS5 controller to your Switch console is straightforward and requires an adapter. The 8bitdo adapter is a popular choice, but there are other options available in the market. Follow the instructions above, and you will be able to enjoy your PS5 controller with your Switch console in no time.


Can you use a PS5 controller on Nintendo Switch?
If you've got your PS4 or PS5 controller and a wireless adapter handy, you can connect them to your Switch. Just a heads up, if you have a PlayStation and it's nearby, you might want to turn it off so it doesn't interrupt the controller's signal.
Can I connect Playstation controller to Nintendo Switch?
Surprisingly, the Switch supports controllers for other game consoles, including the DualShock 4 and many Xbox controllers. Most controllers that work with the PS4 and Xbox One are compatible with Nintendo's console, including arcade-style fight sticks like the Mayflash F300.