How to Connect PS5 Controller to MacBook

Press and hold the PS button and the Create (or Share) button at the same time until the light bar begins to flash . The controller is now in pairing mode, which makes it discoverable by your Apple device. Open Bluetooth settings on your Apple device, then select the controller from the list of nearby devices.

If you’re a gamer and want to play games with your PS5 controller on your MacBook, you’re in luck! In this tech tip, I’ll show you how to pair your PS5 controller to your MacBook.

First, go to the Bluetooth settings page on your MacBook. There are two ways to get there. The first way is to click on the shortcut from the control center and then click on the Bluetooth option. Click on the little arrow and select Bluetooth preferences. The second way is to go to the Apple logo on the top left corner, click on System Preferences, and select Bluetooth.

Once you’re on the Bluetooth preferences window, put your PS5 controller in pairing mode by pressing the PlayStation button in the middle and the Share button at the top simultaneously and holding them down for three to five seconds. When you see the blue light blinking rapidly, it means that the PS5 controller is in pairing mode.

Look at your MacBook and you should see that it has detected a DualShock for wireless controller. Click on Connect and your PS5 controller is now connected to your MacBook. You can tell that the controller is connected because the blue light on the controller becomes steady.

Now, you can play games on Steam, Origin, or any game that is PS5 controller compatible.

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