How to Connect Xbox Controller to Android

Press the controller's Pair button  for 3 seconds and release. On your Android device, open Bluetooth by going to Apps >, Settings >, Connected devices >, Pair new device . Your phone will show a list of nearby Bluetooth devices that are available for pairing. Select your Xbox Wireless Controller Xbox Wireless Controller The Xbox Wireless Controller is the primary game controller for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S home video game consoles , also commercialized for its use in Windows-based PCs, and compatible with other operating systems such as macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. › wiki › Xbox_Wireless_Controller Xbox Wireless Controller - Wikipedia from the list.

If you’re a gamer, you know how important it is to have the right gear. Sometimes, playing games on your phone or tablet can be frustrating if you’re not using the right controller. Luckily, you can easily connect your Xbox One controller to your Android device.

However, before you start, you need to make sure that your controller supports Bluetooth technology. Microsoft released multiple versions of the Xbox One console, and not all controllers support Bluetooth. To check if your controller supports Bluetooth, look at the Xbox faceplate where the Xbox button is located. If the faceplate matches the surrounding plastic around the Xbox logo, you’re good to go.

To connect your controller, press and hold the Xbox button on the controller until the light turns on. If the light goes solid, it means your controller is connected to your Xbox One console. If it blinks, it means it’s not paired to a console. While the controller is on, press and hold the sync button from the top for about three seconds. You’ll know it’s done when the Xbox logo button starts to flash really fast.

The instructions on how to connect your Xbox One controller to your Android device may differ depending on what Android device you’re using. However, we’ll be sticking with what the Samsung interface looks like because Samsung is the number one Android seller in the world.

First, go to your main system settings menu by swiping down on the notification bar from the top of your screen. Then, go to connections, make sure Bluetooth is turned on, and open up the Bluetooth settings themselves. Find the Xbox controller and tap on it. Within a few seconds, the controller should automatically pair up, and you’re good to go.

To test if the controller works, navigate the Android menu or try opening up one of your favorite games. If it doesn’t work, try playing a more mainstream game, such as an Asphalt game.

Pairing the controller back to the console is even easier. Press and hold the power button on your console to turn it on. When it’s fully booted up and good to go, press the tiny sync button on your console, which will put it into pairing mode, looking for the controller. On the controller itself, press and hold the Xbox button, then press and hold the sync button for about three seconds. The light should start to flash really fast, which means it’s in pairing mode, and within a few seconds, it’ll automatically pair back to your console.

That’s it! You’re ready to start gaming. If you want a written guide for this tutorial, click on the link in the description.