How to Stream Procreate from iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re an artist who loves to use Procreate on your iPad and wants to share your creative process with others, live streaming your work on platforms like Twitch can be a great option. However, setting up the software to stream Procreate from your iPad can be a bit tricky. That’s where this tutorial comes in!

First, you’ll need to download and install software called A Powersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder. Although there are other options out there, this is the one we’ll be using for this tutorial. Once you open the program, you’ll be prompted to sign in and buy the software, but if you’re just streaming to OBS, there’s no need. Simply click the “evaluate” button.

Next, connect your iPad to your computer using the Lightning USB cable. On your iPad, swipe down to access the menu and select “screen mirroring.” Tap the A Powersoft option and your iPad screen will be mirrored on the A Powersoft software on your computer.

Now, open OBS (Streamlabs OBS or regular OBS) and add a new source. Make the source a window capture source and select the A Powersoft iPhone Recorder .exe option from the window drop-down. You should see a little preview of your iPad on the screen.

Resize the window to fit your streaming setup, and you’re good to go! One thing to note is that you should turn off the auto-lock on your iPad when you’re streaming to avoid being locked out in the middle of your stream.

And that’s it! With this tutorial, you can now easily stream your Procreate artwork straight from your iPad. Happy streaming!