How to Freeze the iPad Screen: A Step-by-Step Guide

As an iPad Pro user, you may be wondering how you can freeze the screen on your device. There are times when you want to open an app and not allow anyone to close or interact with it. In this article, we will show you how to do just that, as well as lock the app with a password.

First, open the Settings app and check if Accessibility is available. If it’s not under General, then the Accessibility button will be there. Tap on Accessibility, scroll down until you see Guided Access, and turn it on. Once Guided Access is turned on, go into passcode settings and set a guided access passcode. Remember to set it to something you can remember, as it can be different from the lock screen passcode.

Next, turn on the Accessibility shortcut. This will allow you to activate Guided Access in the app you want to use it on. Load up the app you want to have Guided Access on for, and activate it once you’re in the app. If you have a home button on your iPad Pro, triple-click the home button. If you do not have a home button, triple-click the power button or the top button. You need to triple-click quickly, so click, click, click like that. It will activate Guided Access, and you can see that the screen is now frozen.

If you haven’t set up the settings yet, triple-click the power button or the home button three times again. You will see the passcode screen, enter in the passcode you remembered, and tap into options. If you want to freeze the screen, turn off touch and keyboards, so people can’t interact with them. Then tap on the empty space resume, and now the screen is frozen.

If you want to free certain parts of the screen, double-click the power or home button again, enter the passcode, and go into options. Turn on touch and draw circles around the areas of the screen you want to delete. Once the drawing is done, that area of the screen cannot be touched. You can drag and drop, and even enlarge it. If you ever want to delete it, you can delete it.

To stop using Guided Access, go back to the Guided Access area settings and turn it off. This means that if you ever triple-click the power button, it won’t do anything. If you have a home button iPad Pro, it will take longer to access multitasking, so keep that in mind.

In conclusion, Guided Access is a useful feature that can help you freeze the screen on your iPad Pro. It’s easy to set up and use, and you can customize it to your specific needs. With this step-by-step guide, you can now use Guided Access to freeze the screen on your iPad Pro and protect your apps from being closed or interacted with.