How to Change the Language on Disney Plus

The Short Version Tap on your profile image. Click 'Edit Profiles' Select a profile. Click 'App Language' Select a language.

Disney Plus has quickly become one of the most popular streaming services online in 2020, thanks to its impressive collection of exclusives and originals. However, if you’re trying to change the language of your favorite Disney shows and movies, you may find it a bit confusing at first.

The good news is that accessing your language settings on Disney Plus is super easy. Whether you want to change the spoken language or the language of your subtitles, you can do it in just a few clicks. Unfortunately, Disney Plus doesn’t allow you to set your language options so that they carry over from device to device, so you’ll have to do this on any device you’re using.

If you’re watching in your browser, open up Disney Plus and start playing back a show or a movie. In the upper right-hand corner, look for a small square icon and click it. This opens up your language settings on Disney Plus. On the left side, you can select from all available spoken language options. On the right, you can select from all subtitle options, including closed captioning for English.

As we mentioned, these settings don’t carry over from title to title, so you’ll need to change them each time you start a new movie. However, the language icon is found on all other devices, including smartphones and smart TVs. No matter what device you’re playing Disney Plus on, just look for the language button in the top right to change both your captions and your spoken language.

Finally, if you’re looking to change your app language on Disney Plus, it’s also pretty simple. Just open up Disney Plus on your computer’s browser, hover over your profile and the top right and select “Edit Profiles”. Click on the edit button on your profile, then drop down the app language options to change what language your app is displayed in. Save your changes and follow the same steps on each profile on your account to edit your entire account language.

So there you have it – changing the language on Disney Plus is a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies in your preferred language.


How do I change the language on Disney Plus on my TV?
Smart TVs. Changing the language settings on your Smart TV follows the same steps as you would on a mobile device or PC. Start by choosing something to watch, then use your remote to pause. Select the icon from the top right of the screen, then select your preferred language under Audio.
How do I get Disney Plus out of a different language?
Launch the Disney+ app or go to the Disney+ website.Select the show or movie you want to watch.Click/tap the screen and select the Audio and Subtitles settings button. ... Under Audio, choose the language you want to hear.More items...•
How do I change my Disney Plus audio to English?
Once your movie or show starts streaming, a box icon will appear on the upper right side of the screen and the player UI. Click it. You will see the language selection menu. Use that to choose your desired language and subtitle options.
Why is my Disney Plus playing in Spanish?
As the movie or show starts playing, use your remote to click on the Audio and Subtitle Settings button (it's the white rectangle in the upper right-hand corner). Once you do that, you should be able to scroll down to English (or whatever other language you prefer) and select it.