How to Change Netflix Language

Once on your Account page, scroll to the very bottom to the My Profile Section. Click on Language, it should be a choice just below your profile picture . You can always go through all the available links if the first link does not open the language page.

If you’re looking to change the language in your Netflix interface, it can be done with just a few clicks in your Netflix account settings. Whether you want to add subtitles or change the language of subtitles for your Netflix videos, changing the language in your Netflix interface can make it easier for you to learn a new language or simply enjoy your favorite shows in a different language.

Firstly, it’s important to note that your Netflix account settings can only be accessed through the Netflix website. However, after you change your Netflix language on the website, that change will be reflected in the Netflix app on any platforms where you use it – such as Roku, Windows, Xbox, iOS, Android, and more.

Here are the simple steps to change your Netflix language:

Step 1. Navigate to in a web browser and log in to your Netflix account. You’ll arrive at your Netflix home screen.

Step 2. Click the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open a drop-down menu, then click “Account” in the drop-down menu. Your Netflix Account screen appears.

Step 3. Scroll down to the My Profile section, and then click “Language” in the My Profile section. The Language screen appears.

Step 4. Click to select the language you want to be used in the Netflix interface across the various platforms you use Netflix on. In this example, we’ll change the Netflix language to Spanish. Click “Save” after selecting your new Netflix language.

You’ll be returned to your Netflix Account screen, where you’ll see a note across the top of the screen that your Netflix language has been changed. Additionally, all of the text will now be displayed in your new language.

That’s it! Now, when you launch Netflix on any of the platforms you use it on, the text on the interface will be in your new language. Congratulations – you now know how to change the language in your Netflix interface.


How do I change my Netflix back to English?
On a computer or mobile browser, sign in to Account.Select a profile.Select Language.Select preferred languages from Shows &, Movies Languages.Select Save.
Why has my Netflix changed language?
If Netflix keeps changing the language, chances are someone else is using your account, or you're connected to a VPN. Try checking your privacy settings, changing your password, disabling your VPN, and updating the app to solve the issue.