How to Scan Legal Size Documents on Brother L2710DW

Scanning legal size documents can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to go about it. Fortunately, Brother L2710DW has made the scanning process easy and straightforward. In this post, we’ll take you through the steps needed to scan a legal document using Brother L2710DW.

Firstly, you need to press the scan button on the Brother L2710DW and select the ‘Scan to PC file’ option. Next, press the ‘options’ button and select the scan color. You can choose between gray, black and white, or color. For legal documents, it’s recommended to select black and white.

The next step is to select the resolution. You can set the resolution up to 600, but for legal documents, 200 dpi is ideal. After selecting the resolution, choose the document’s PDF type, and for legal documents, select PDF. Also, choose the document size by selecting legal from the available options.

Once you have selected all the options, place the file into the auto feeder, and press the start button to scan the document. You should be able to find the scanned document on your computer.

To confirm that the document is on a legal size paper, you can print it out. The Brother L2710DW makes it easy to scan and print legal documents without the need for any complicated steps.

In conclusion, the Brother L2710DW is an excellent printer that makes scanning legal size documents easy and straightforward. By following the steps highlighted above, you can scan legal size documents with ease and print them out for your records.