How to Save a Draft in Outlook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Save a draft of a message that you want to finish later You can force a draft to save at any time by clicking the Save button in the top left menu bar of the email message or click File >, Save .

Do you ever find yourself writing an important email and accidentally closing the window without saving it as a draft? It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to ensure that your emails are automatically saved as drafts in Outlook.

By default, Outlook saves unsent emails as drafts after a certain time limit. However, you can easily change this setting to save your emails as drafts immediately. Here’s how to do it:

1. Click on the “File” option in Outlook.

2. Go to “Options.”

3. Click on “Mail” and scroll down to “Save Messages.”

4. Under “Automatically save items that have not been sent after this many minutes,” change the time limit to one minute (or more or less depending on your preference).

5. Click “OK” to save your settings.

Now, whenever you compose an email and forget to save it, Outlook will automatically save it as a draft within the time limit you set.

It’s important to note that if you close the email window without saving it as a draft, Outlook will still prompt you to save it before closing. However, by changing the settings to save drafts immediately, you can ensure that your emails are never lost.

In conclusion, saving drafts in Outlook is a simple and useful feature that can save you time and prevent loss of important emails. By following these steps, you can easily change your settings and enjoy the convenience of automatic draft-saving.


How do I save an email as draft in Outlook?
Open a new email or create a reply to any message.Write your text, add links, formatting and pictures if necessary.Save this email (either by clicking on the Save icon or by closing the window).
How do I save an email to drafts?
Stop typing and editing for three seconds, and Gmail saves a draft. The composition window does not close using this method.Press the Esc key to save immediately. This saves your email to the Drafts label and closes the composition window. The screen returns to your inbox.
Where do Outlook drafts get saved?
If you are not ready to send an email, you can save it for later by creating a draft. Draft messages are saved to the Drafts folder in Outlook. You can come back, finish, and send your draft message later.
What is the shortcut to save as draft in Outlook?
Save as Draft Mac: Hold Command and press S. Windows PC &, Linux: Hold Ctrl and press S.