How to Save a Draft Text Message on iPhone

Save a draft: With a new message open, select Cancel >, Save Draft . Reopen a draft: Go to the folders list and select Drafts.

Have you ever wanted to go back to an old text message conversation but couldn’t find it because it was deleted or lost somewhere in your iPhone? Worry not, as there are different workarounds to save text conversations on your iPhone. Below are three methods you can use, plus a bonus option if you have a Mac computer.

The first option is to save selected parts of the conversation by sharing them to a phone number or email address. To do this, open your messages app, select the conversation you want to save, and press and hold on one of the text bubbles you want to save. Press “More” and select all the parts you want to share. Then, press the arrow button, and a new message window will appear where you can share the selected parts. However, note that this method only saves the text and not the original message bubble format.

The second option is to take screenshots of the conversation. To do this, have the part of the conversation you want to save visible on the screen, and press the side button and volume button at the same time. This will save a screenshot, and you can repeat this until you have images of all the parts you want to save. Keep in mind that you may need to scroll up or down to get more of the conversation.

The third option is to screen-record the whole conversation to review later. With the conversation pulled up on your phone, pull down your control center from the upper-right corner of your phone, press the screen-record button, and then return back to the conversation. Starting at the top, scroll down as you’re reading it. Once complete, return back to your control center and stop the recording. This will save a video that you can find in your photos of the conversation.

Lastly, if you have a Mac computer, you can use the Messages app to save a PDF of the conversation. Simply open the app, pull up the conversation you want to save, click “File,” then “Print.” At the bottom, you can click “PDF,” then “Save as PDF.” This will save the conversation as a PDF, but note that images will not be printed.

In conclusion, there are different ways to save text conversations on your iPhone, depending on your preference. You can select specific parts to share, take screenshots, screen-record, or use a Mac computer to save a PDF. These methods will help you keep important conversations for later review and enjoyment.


Where do text message drafts go on iPhone?
iMessages App To use the Messages app, tap the Drafts icon in the Message app selection window. Tap the filter button to show only drafts with a certain tag, browse inbox, flagged or archive tabs - or search for a draft.
How do I retrieve an unfinished text on my iPhone?
Connect your iPhone to your computer.Open Finder (or iTunes in macOS Mojave and earlier) if it does not automatically open.Go to the side bar and select your device.Then click on “Restore iPhone.”That's it.
Is there a way to save a text as a draft?
Yes, you can save draft text messages. To do so, open the text message conversation, tap and hold on the message you want to save as a draft, and then select the "Save as Draft" option. The message will then be saved as a draft, and you can access it by tapping on the "Drafts" icon in the conversation.
How do I save a text message to send later on my iPhone?
Open the Messages app and open a conversation. Create a text message, but don't send it yet. ... Touch and hold Send. Hold the Send button. ... Choose from the suggestions. Tap Pick date and time or you can choose from among several preset times. ... Tap Send.