How to Reset Google Docs to Default Settings

Reset to the Google Docs original styles: Select Format >, Paragraph styles >, Options >, Reset styles .

Customizing the default settings in Google Docs is an essential strategy for many students. The default font size of 11 and line spacing of 1.15 may not be suitable for everyone, and changing these settings can be a significant time-saver for students. With the ability to determine which font type, size, and spacing between lines is best for them, students can have a more personalized and optimal experience when using Google Docs.

It’s important to keep in mind that the younger the student, the larger the font size should be. Elementary students, for instance, should work with font sizes between 12 and 14 points. Some may even prefer font sizes as large as 16 to 18 points. It’s crucial to involve the student in these decisions to ensure their comfort and success.

The default line spacing in a Google Doc is 1.15, and changing the amount of white space between lines can enhance the visual presentation and aid in editing and visual tracking of the text for reading. Once you have worked with your student and selected the desired font size, font type, and line spacing, you can go to format, paragraph styles, normal text, and then select update normal text to match.

To preserve these settings as default, you need to repeat the above steps by going back to format, paragraph styles, and now scroll down to options and select save as my default styles. This way, every time your student opens a Google Doc, they will have their desired settings, which saves significant time. Most students will not bother to change the default settings, so they will continue to work with 11-point font and 1.15 line spacing, even if it’s not optimal.

Now, if you open a new Google Doc, your desired line spacing, font style, and font size will automatically be set, and you’re ready to go. Customizing default settings in Google Docs is a crucial strategy and one that can enhance productivity and make the experience more personalized. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can reset Google Docs to default settings in no time.