How to Restart an HP Laptop: Steps to Restore Default Settings

Restarting or rebooting an HP laptop is done the same way you would most laptops and desktop PCs: through the Windows start menu. Select the Windows Start button. Select the Power icon—it looks like a circle with a vertical line through the top half. Select Restart.

Is your HP laptop running slow or not functioning properly? One solution could be to reset it to its factory default settings. This can remove any issues that may be affecting your device or remove personal data from the computer. In this post, we will guide you through the steps to reset your HP laptop to its factory default settings.

Before we begin, it is important to note that resetting your HP laptop will delete all your personal files and applications. Thus, it is important to backup all your important files before proceeding.

Step 1: Connect an external hard drive to save your data. Avoid running out of battery midway by plugging in your charger.

Step 2: To reset your HP laptop, press the power button and then press the F11 button when starting up.

Step 3: After a message that says “Please Wait,” you will see three options to choose from. Select “Troubleshoot” using the arrow keys and press Enter.

Step 4: In “Troubleshoot,” select “Reset Your PC,” then choose the target operating system, which by default is Windows.

Step 5: Next, you will be asked whether you want to remove only your files or clean the entire drive. Choose the option you prefer and hit Enter.

Step 6: Choose your preferred language, keyboard type, and region.

Step 7: Accept the terms and conditions and provide a name or email address for the computer services.

Step 8: Finally, connect to a network using Wi-Fi and provide your email address.

Following these steps will reset your HP laptop to its factory default settings. This process will ensure that all issues and errors are eliminated, and your device will be as good as new. Remember to back up your personal files and applications before resetting your laptop.

By resetting your HP laptop, you can ensure that it functions properly and without any issues. We hope this guide helps you restore your device to its optimal performance.


How do I force a frozen HP laptop to restart?
To restart a locked up computer, press and hold the Power button until the computer turns off.Wait a few seconds, and then press the power button to turn the computer back on.
What are the restart keys for HP laptop?
Restart your computer, and then immediately press the F11 key repeatedly. Click Start . Press and hold the Shift key, click Power, and then select Restart while holding the Shift key. Continue holding the Shift key while the computer restarts.