How Do I Factory Reset My iPad Without iTunes?

If you want to erase your personal data from your iPad before giving it away or selling it, or you have forgotten your passcode, you may need to hard reset your device. In this article, we will guide you through five simple solutions to reset your iPad without iTunes.

Solution 1: Erase All Content and Settings

If you remember your passcode and just want to erase your personal data, you can head to settings, general, transfer or reset iPad. Then, go ahead and erase all content and settings. You might be suggested to enter your passcode, back it up to iCloud Drive, and after entering your Apple ID password, the erase will begin. Minutes later, you’ll see the start-up screen.

Solution 2: Erase iPad Option on the Lock Screen

If you forget your passcode, no worries! If your iPad is running iPadOS 15.2 or later, you have signed in with your Apple ID, and it’s connected to a network, you can hard reset it on the lock screen without using a computer. Just keep entering the passcode until you see the Erase iPad option on the bottom of the screen. Tap on it, and tap on it again to confirm. Once you have entered your Apple ID, the erase process will start.

Solution 3: Unlock iPad with 4uKey

If you don’t see the erase button on the screen, or the button is not working, you can move on to the next method: unlock iPad with 4uKey. Once you connect your device, click on the start and next button. From the list of other devices, select iPad. Then, follow the instructions to enter recovery mode. For a full-screen iPad, press and quickly release the volume up and down button successively, then press and hold the top button until you see the recovery mode screen. 4uKey will prepare the latest firmware for you. Once downloaded, you can start the removal any time you want. This procedure takes about 10 minutes. Once done, you can go ahead and start over.

Solution 4: Reset iPad Using the Find My App

If you also own an iPhone using the same Apple ID, you can reset your iPad using the Find My app. Instead of the devices tab, find your iPad. Swipe up and tap erase this iPad. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted, and then the erase will be in progress.

Solution 5: Hard Reset Your iPad Using iTunes

In the last part, we’ll briefly show you how to hard reset your iPad using iTunes. You’ll need to put your iPad into recovery mode first. Then, go with the restore option. iTunes will download the firmware automatically. After that, it’ll start restoring.

That’s all for today! We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you through the process of resetting your iPad without iTunes.