How to Recover Lost Quicken Data

Losing important financial data can be a nightmare, but fortunately, with Quicken, you can restore your backup file and recover your information. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of restoring a backup file in Quicken.

First, go to the file drop-down menu and select “Restore a Backup File”. You will be prompted to select whether you want to restore from an automatic backup file created by Quicken or from one of your manual backups. For this example, we will choose to restore from a manual backup.

Locate your backup files by browsing through the Quicken folder in the documents folder. You can identify backup files by their “QDF backup” extension. Once you have found your file, click “open”. Your backup file information will now be populated in the “Restore from your backup” field.

You will then be presented with two options: overwriting the open file with the restored file or creating a copy. We recommend creating a copy to preserve the information in the original file. Select the location to restore the backup file and give it a unique name to distinguish it from the original file.

Once you have entered a name, click “save”. You can now choose to stay in the original file or open the restored file. To open the restored file, click “yes”. The final step is to select whether you want to sync the new restored file to the Quicken cloud. If you’re unsure, select “I am just looking at this file and don’t want to sync right now”, then click “done”.

Confirm that you are in the restored file by looking at the file name in the upper left corner. Congratulations, you have successfully recovered your lost Quicken data!

In conclusion, restoring a backup file is a quick and easy process that can save you from the stress of losing your financial data. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily recover your lost Quicken data.