How to Record from Smart TV to DVD Recorder

Plug in the S-Video cable to the S-Video input on the DVD recorder. Next, connect the RCA audio cable to the output on the TV source and the input on the DVD recorder. Finally, connect the S-Video cable and the RCA audio cable to the output on the DVD recorder and the input on the TV.

Recording your favorite shows or movies from a Smart TV to a DVD recorder is a great way to keep your favorite content and watch it whenever you want. In this article, we’ll show you how to hook up your DVD recorder to a DVD player and your television.

First, you need to check the back of your DVD recorder to see if the only thing that allows line in is through the video the RCA connection. If so, you need to come out of your VCR with the yellow for video, then the red for right audio, and the white for left audio. Next, hook it up into the same configuration on the DVD recorder – the red down here, the white just above it for left channel audio, and then the yellow for video.

To record some of your favorite cable shows, use a coaxial cable over here, which is more of a traditional cable, and put it right into VHF UHF in and then this will just spin into place. You may want to take some time to set up the cables properly to ensure that the recording meets your expectations.

Next, you need to hook up your television using the best cables, which is the component that breaks it up into the red, blue, and green. Match up the color coding – the PR for red, the PB for blue, and the green 4Y or yellow. Now, follow it up to the television monitor and set it up into AV1 with the red, blue, and green plug. Once you have completed this, you’re good to go!

Recording from your Smart TV to a DVD recorder is easy if you follow these instructions. Always ensure that the cables are properly connected to avoid any issues when recording your favorite shows. Now you can enjoy your favorite shows or movies whenever you want.


Can you connect a DVD recorder to a smart TV?
Yes, you can connect an old DVD player to a new TV provided that both devices have HDMI or audio and video connections. Some older DVD players feature both, so connecting it to your new TV should be easy.
Can you record from HDMI to DVD recorder?
HDMI: The easiest and most modern way to connect the devices is to use an HDMI cable. Connect one end of the cable to the HDMI output on the DVD recorder and the other end to the HDMI input on the TV. Composite or S-Video: If the TV or DVD recorder doesn't have HDMI ports, you can use composite or S-Video cables.
How do I record directly from my TV?
Make sure your TV has the built-in PVR option. Also, check if there is a USB slot at the back of your TV.Prepare a USB and connect the USB HDD to your TV.Adjust the format in your TV and click the Record button.To stop the recording, you click the Stop button.